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SlideShare is an app developed by Linkedln that lets you view millions of professional slideshows right from your Android device. In short, it's a social network for presentations (PowerPoint) designed so that professionals from different sectors can share ideas.

In SlideShare, the first thing you have to do is register your areas of interest: technology, education, marketing, design, business, etc. Then, depending on the areas you choose, you'll see a custom selection of presentations.

Once you know what type of content you're interested in, you can browse the different presentations you find. You can view them directly through the app whenever you have Internet access, or download them to your device to view later.

Of course, SlideShare also allows you to share your own presentations with the rest of the world. The purpose of the application, after all, is the rapid exchange of ideas.

SlideShare is a dynamic and innovative business social network thanks to which you can discover interesting content that could help you progress and improve in your work.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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